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Anita Muljiani


I am happy that I found a new lease to life with this spiritual connection which was introduced to me by a friend who lives next door. It was just one phone call that got me enrolled for the session. Initially I was quite hesitant to join since it was taking place over the weekend but today it gives me great pride to tell everyone that I am a Reiki level 2 practitioner.

Thanks to Farzeen who conducted these workshops for us. The experience I had over the two day workshop is difficult to describe in words, all I can say is ... its truly magical! You need to try it to believe it!

The mere presence of Farzeen in the room brings such positive energy that there is a feeling of happiness and contentment within oneself. She is a very warm and friendly person, is also extremely patient and gives personal attention to each of her student, though ours was a bit of a Rowdy batch and I am sure we were not easy to handle ;o)

My outlook towards life has changed after doing two levels of Reiki under Farzeen's guidance. I have noticed that my relationship with my near and dear ones has improved a great deal and there is a better level of understanding amongst us. To add to it, I don't fret and fume over petty things anymore. Life is more easy going and enjoyable now. I owe it all to the life lessons taught to me by none other than Farzeen! Thank you once again for being there when we need you the most.

Best regards


Sanket Bajpai


I consider myself extremely blessed that Reiki came into my life, and who better a teacher than Farzeen. Farzeen is an extremely efficient and accomplished Reiki Master and teacher. Under her guidance, we began learning and practicing Reiki with an intention of bettering our lives as well as the lives of the people around us. As explained by Farzeen, the world in general requires as many Light Workers like us to keep itself going inspite of all the negative factors working upon the system call life as of now.

Farzeen is extremely practical in her approach towards teaching, implementation and practice of Reiki in day to day life and unlike many other places that we have heard of (specially online Reiki attunements etc) Farzeen will never ask to give up anything (non-veg for e.g.) in order to gain benefits of Reiki. The tools and methods taught by Farzeen are innovative and flexible to suit one and all. Infact, she has taught us so many tools in our Reiki sessions that with the help of them, the people themselves will giveup anything harmful to themselves or others, at their own will. With Farzeen, Reiki is a gradual and sureshot way of attaining short term and long term goals of life. Personally, with the help of Reiki, i have been able to completely eradicate my lower back pains, something which the conventional medicnes have not been able to solve for the longest times. This makes me believe that Reiki is a fantastic tool and something that can be equally benefitial not only for self but also for others, breaking the barriers of time and space as well. it makes you believe in the power of your intentions. And all thanks to Farzeen for making me believe in myself as a light worker to be able to help others in their ailments and otherwise.



Arun Kumar


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T S Elliot

I am a Finance guy, working entire life questioning facts. When the concept Reiki was first introduced to me it was a complete NO for me. It took me 6 months to finally do my level 1. Something changed in my life after the experience. I became responsible, responsible for my own life and my own happiness. Farzeen is an excellent teacher, a guide and a friend. She believes in what she is doing that’s the reason it delivers the way it delivered. My best wishes for your journey.”



Chandni Jafri


My calling : I am a BUDDHIST. I work with the children's division of the Buddhist order I am associated with.

My work : Business Director, The VCCircle Network
I am a Startup Media Evangelist. The key mandate across professional tenure has been to kick start projects/divisions/startup media enterprises with core skill areas as strategy, sales, research & brand building.

I joined level1 having no understanding of reiki or how its going to be 'working'. I did it just on an instinct & on recommendation by friends. As you know, I have been chanting for close to four years & I feel, thats the impetus that led me to reiki, you & eventually baba.

Never knew I could "work with light" or there was any such thing call "Universal Life force energy" just waiting to be tapped by us, like a genie, & used for our good & the larger good - and that 'miracles' could actually be summoned. It all sounded 'fantasy' at first. But after going through the sessions, I started feeling palpable changes in myself & even in situations around. Reiki opened up an entirely unexplored spiritual avenue for me, which most of all helped me to EXPRESS my individuality, creativity & potential more clearly. The 'Attunement' with the source actually got me more and more in rythmn with the music of my own being. There were breakdowns too, but I felt most times completely empowered to address them. Over time, I introduced my family & quite a few friends to the sessions & they all echoed the same feelings.

Very recently, my dad, who is 85yrs, was admitted to the ICU. On other times, his hospitalisations would completely demolish me. But this time around, I just went down on my knees & kept sending him reiki. He was earlier taken in for indefinite period, but quite miraculously, was discharged within a day!

And you Farzeen, as a friend, philosopher, guide, have left an indelible imprint on my being. You have touched my life & countless others just by the sheer grace of your spirit & your absolute unshakeble faith in the art & science of reiki. Must have done some good karmas to have 'bumped' into you. I pray & hope for you to make reiki more & more mainstream, as its such an incredible empowerment tool and "soul food".

I would be very happy to be around in any way possible

Thank you,


Shazaan Sharma


Reiki :
The one word I would use to describe my experience of learning Reiki with Farzeen would be – enriching. Giving Reiki to myself and other group members as well as receiving Reiki from them made me feel positive and energized. In the prayer room I felt a sense of well being and quiet calm. Feeling the Universal Light all around me as well as inside me was surreal. The guided visualization meditation was a lovely and peaceful experience. Discussions on spiritual topics were intriguing and intense and I wished they would go on and on, some of my spiritual questions were answered and my lifelong interest to learn more in this space was ignited further. We imbibed a deep and profound lesson in an atmosphere that was light-hearted and fun, all thanks to the amazing skills of Farzeen as a teacher. An added bonus was the awesome lunch we had as well as spending time with Angel getting my share of doggie love. Overall a wonderful experience which I highly recommend to others. Life after Reiki seems to make a lot more sense as I am going with the flow of the Universe and I accept the Universe’s plans for me. Whatever life brings to me, I ask myself what am I supposed to be learning here in this moment. This thought process makes my life a journey of discovery and growth.

My Personal Session :
My personal session with Farzeen was a healing experience on many levels. Just being able to sit and talk to her about things weighing on my heart and mind was cathartic. I experienced the power of Sacred Numerology and Angel Card Reading during my sessions. Sacred Numerology is fascinating; the magic of numbers that tie us with our loved ones in karmic connections and how the numbers reveal our soul lessons and life purpose is a science that is deeply mystifying. During the Angel Card Reading I could feel the presence of the angels and I was astonished to receive their guidance on issues buried deep within my subconscious mind. An area of childhood pain which I thought was no longer relevant was brought to the surface by the angels leaving me speechless. Farzeen interpreted the language of the angels through the cards I picked and highlighted my need to work on issues with forgiveness and compassion in order to heal and move forward in life. Farzeen is a highly evolved spiritual person and just being with her is comforting, energizing and liberating all at once. I am grateful to her for her guidance and healing as well as to the Universe for making us meet
. When the student is ready the teacher appears and she is definitely one of my teachers in life and about life. I wish her all the best and may many people have the good fortune of
being with her in a personal healing session.

Thank you,


Sucharita Bose


I have been practicing Reiki on and off mostly on need-basis (eg when someone is sick). I was giving it to Sukanya quite a lot last year whenever she had migraine. It would give her relief. Eventually I could get a doctor whose medicine has been very effective. (you had told us that Reiki also leads one to the right medication).
The “master” symbol has made a significant difference in healing. I first gave Reiki with this to my mother at Kolkata for her pain (arthritis) after which she experienced relief from her pain.
Last week, I gave this to my sis-in-law at Bangalore with very positive results.
Sukanya also practices Reiki and has taken the “Reiki box” with her to Bangalore.

Works as Sr Manager – QA at Jacobs Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.


Ina D’Souza


As most people, my knowledge and understanding of Reiki was very limited. Infact, for a long time I thought Reiki and Accu pressure were very similar. To cut a long story short, attending Reiki Level 1 and 2 was one of the most miraculous things that happened to me. It taught me to think positively, meditate and channel light and positive energy around me and to everyone. If you surround yourself and everyone around you with love and light, can there be anything but plenty of that in your own life?

To be honest, it takes time, discipline and strong belief for positivity to flow into your life, but you gradually get more attuned to noticing the little miracles that take place in your life and are more appreciative of your blessings.

When you send Reiki to people who needed it, you are not just sending them light, but filling your own life with it as well.
I would highly recommend Reiki as a way of life for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Even for a skeptic, like I was, Reiki can be useful for meditative praying and positive thinking, the benefits of which are vast.

Thank you Farzeen for putting up with my travel dates and patiently checking on when I could make it to the class.
You have a big Reiki fan in me, 2 years and running..



Stanley Fernandes


The Divine reading was something i really needed, to draw perspective to my life, and it did just that. While i was in the midst of a troublesome phase, it gave me an overview of my purpose for this lifetime and immediately sorted my personal priorities. Now that i know my reasons to be, it has given me clarity on how to approach situations. We are all here on this planet for a divine reason and to fulfil our karma's, and to know what your reason is, is divinity in itself. Thanks Farzeen and I hope your faith continues to guide you to higher planes. Much love always!

Warm regards,
Director Sales for a media firm. Half marathoner and an Artist


Uttara Deepak Agarwal
Marketing Professional - Dubai


Reiki and Farzeen came into my life when I was grappling with inner restlessness on why things are happening the way they are and why me. This was consuming me on the inside and in many ways I was affecting the lives of people I came in touch with. Someone I knew very well suggested I try Reiki and to do with Farzeen who was her guru as well. I said why not. This was a time when Farzeen was doing sessions only in Mumbai. My friend said that Farzeen can also come over to Dubai and do the session if there were enough people interested. Imagine my surprise, this teacher was going to come to my city . This almost seemed like the universe was telling me to do Reiki. So we had the first Reiki session in Dubai thanks to some wonderful people. Since then I feel I am only getting more contented , peaceful , happy and grateful for this life. Thanks Farzeen!!!

Sacred Numerology
Farzeen did a reading on my numbers and gave me a deeper insight on me as an individual. She was able to describe me with just the help of the numbers and helped me understand and appreciate myself. Since I had the session with her in person, she was able to read my aura and the numbers and give me a more holistic understanding. She was able to give me interpretations of my thoughts , which has helped me in my personal decision making.


Preeti Bedi
Business Head with an Insurance Broking Firm - Bangalore


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Farzeen for enlightening me on Reiki and sharing all the spiritual tools which are absolutely unique. It has been extremely enriching to learn and implement such a wonderful subject which has changed my perspective about life and in knowing the cause and effect of various ailments and problems. The best part is Reiki becomes your guiding force in each and every aspect of life and helps you resolve a lot of issues along with rediscovering yourself, your strenghts and weaknesses and in improving your relationship with others. You can help yourself and your loved ones as you are better equipped to handle any pain, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. It is a privilege to learn the subject from her and I have personally experienced great bliss and joy after practicing all the teachings. It has helped me understand my life purpose and has motivated me to take up healing professionally and in making this world better place.

Thank you again.
Love and Light


Dilshad Khajotia


Reiki has helped me remove all my negative thoughts to an extent. I used to be a very negative person but reiki has removed that to a lot of extent.

Emotionally I have become strong. First I used to be very emotional. There used to be no control over the emotions. But now things r pretty much different. I can control my emotions to a great extent.

I have dropped the hatred resentment I had towards people. At office also people have seen the change in me.

Reiki rejuvenates you, brings out the better in you, changes your attitude towards people and life. You become a much more positive person.

Above all it gives u the gift to heal yourself and others around you.

Farzeen u r a star.


Karlette Joseph


About Fuzzy:
I met Farzeen in 2009. Prior to that I tried to find a spiritual teacher, but the mental bulb never ever came on so to say. The first time I met Farzeen was through her neighbour my colleague at the time. My mental halogen bulb came on immediately and we gelled so well. Fuzzy picked me up energetically, slowly and steadily, through all 3 levels of Reiki. Farzeen is like a spiritual encyclopedia to me. She explains complex issues, in the most simplest and easy to understand ways. I just feel comfortable to pick up the phone since I know she will not judge and will have some key to this crazy rollercoaster we call life. She is accessible, approachable and totally down to earth (not some holier than thou attitude most spiritual teachers I have met prior to her). She has a big heart, a big laugh and always has a big hug ready. Farzeen shares all her knowledge, you know how some people know the recipe and, leave out one / two ingredients when you ask them how you made it. Fuzzy will give you the whole recipe on spiritual life, and show you how its done, and come and see if you are doing it right, and will ask you to call if you get stuck on your journey, and will actually pick up your call and listen, and guide you too. She is just pure precious and irreplaceable.

My experience Reiki level 1:
In 2009 I was going through the lowest part of my life when Reiki found me. Reiki and its mysterious ways, always come when your soul is ready and, it just all clicks and falls into place at the correct time. Level 1 helped me regain my confidence, which was completely non-existant, it helped me accept the situation I was in and helped me look forward. Reiki helped me accept and respect the reactions from my friends and family without judgement or retaliation. I was too scared to use Reiki to help others so I focused on my own healing. It was a tool that gave me great comfort and security through all the external turbulence. I suffered from severe ankle and heel pain at the time which just disappeared a few months later.

My experience Reiki level 2:
Level 2 Reiki just gave me wings. I remember the joy I felt the day I finished my level 2, that I could send Reiki to my sister sitting in Kuala Lumpur who was at the time suffering from severe back pains during pregnancy. The moment I reached home from my level 2 class I sent my sister (in Kuala Lumpur) absent Reiki and she fell asleep, the next morning she informed me she had no pain and she slept peacefully after so many months. This was my very 1 both my sister and me were so surprised in a happy way. I personally am not comfortable with physical contact so I shied away from using Reiki for others since level 1, level 2 was like I won the lottery. The Reiki requests just flowed in after my own confidence sparked. I found friendships that were rocky completely just disappear; new friends who were spiritually more in tune with my higher self just suddenly became a part of my life. I used my Reiki box to buy a house. My wish was to buy a house with morning perfect sunlight since I love to paint. I put a Reiki intention with a deadline for 6 months this was around January 2011 when I didn’t even have a plan, nor funds, nor any loan application etc. I saw some 40 – 45 flats just for fun, and just before the one I purchased that afternoon my guides placed a big heart in the clouds I remember clicking a picture of this heart it was so beautiful, the flat I walked in after was pure love at first sight bright sunlight in every room, I didn’t even ask the price I was so amazed with the gorgeous light. May 2011 end of the month I found myself looking at my house keys in disbelief, I still sit and smile sometimes when I am home thinking how did this happen so smoothly when I have heard so many stories of how much my friends have struggled house hunting and running around for home loan paperwork, experience of the power of level 2, I got the most helpful home loan agents, a really nice spiritual estate agent and a wonderful builder who somehow just walked into my life just for those 6 months. I met people who are my closest relationships after my level 2, who Im sure I would never have met with my earlier judgmental mind set. Today I have friends as far as Kuwait, Singapore, Australia and Ireland who request Reiki for their family and friends on a regular basis since they have had good results. Some of them wish to learn and have not found the perfect teacher. We are so blessed we have Fuzzy so close. Reiki box, and absent Reiki are the two most valuable irreplaceable gifts I find till date. My Reiki box travels with me wherever I go.

My experience Reiki level 3A:
Level 3 Reiki gave me a lot of security and comfort, in my use of Reiki as a gift to help others. The intuition and inner joy just became so tangible not only to me, but everyone around me started noticing the big positive bubble that enveloped my life. I have no clue but just speaking or chatting with friends and family, they seem to get answers to what is bothering them. Reiki requests from friends of friends seem to reach me somehow. I found the universe works through you and guides you every step of the way. Experiences that once would have given me sleepless nights now feel like they just wash over me, leaving me almost unaffected. The clarity of thought and calmness is just lovely.

Best regards,
Office administration Manager – Mumbai and Arylic Abstract artist


Tarana Singh


About Fuzzy:
Reiki & the changes I have felt in life post it. As my husband, Mukut & I embarked on the Reiki journey together. this is from both of us

1. Meher Baba & Reiki came around the same time in our life, so The Faith in the Lord of the Universe has been strengthened more than ever before.
Prior to this journey, we were God Fearing, now God is Like our Friend and we are God Loving...We can't separate the 2 experiences, that is Reiki & (Faith in )God

2. I have much better control on my anger/ temper, hence we fight much less and make up much faster.

3. I am overall a much happier person after learning healing with Reiki from Farzeen.
Farzeen emnates light...even if you don't "know" she works with healing, you can't miss it.. she glows & that is How I have become with the love & light she has brought into our lives.

4. Reiki with Farzeen has helped shape our marriage into a more balanced, equal & beautiful soul searching/sharing experience.
I would totally recommend Reiki for EVERYONE.. there's NOTHING to Lose...EVERYTHING to gain.. so simple, but remember.. SIMPLE is NOT Easy!.

Tarana Singh
Actress, dancer, emcee, dog trainer and a true seeker


Priya Pillai


My friend told me about Farzeens Reiki Session on October 2011, but I could not make it at that time. My friend persisted that I should do this I was procrastinating it. I had a very troubled marriage , finally when I walked out of husband in October 2012.

Filed a divorce case against him. The worries of what next, I did my first Reiki class in march 2013 After doing the Reiki session and completing my first level, my confidence level was going. My self esteem which had nosedived during my marriage was picking up. Positivity was around in my life . My children I have a son and a daughter. My son had started misbehaving but that has changed totally. My daughter who had gone into her shell started becoming bold. A simple thing for many people like putting on weight, was very difficult for me. I started putting on weight post level I and glow on face was very different.

I did my second level Reiki in May that was a big leap in my life. The P Eng registration which I had applied three years ago I got it. Cobwebs in my life were clearing faster than I thought. People were behaving differently to me, giving me more respect My boss s completion of 25 years in the company and my PEng was declared to the company on the same day. Such coincidences were rare in my life My boss who has been forever critical of me and we gave a party in August together, the party was a grand success. We had called all the managers, they all recognized my achievement.

Farzeen taught us the forgiveness prayer which has helped me to get on with my life. I could forgive my abusive husband, recover from the trauma faster than many going through the same predicament in life. The messy divorce case is still pending I will sail thro it with Reiki that’s my confidence.  Life has not been simple for me, lot of ups and downs. But Reiki has made it easy for me.  These are my first thoughts, will write more over the weekend.

Priya Pillai
P Eng – Jacobs Engineering


Bhavana Gautam


My experience with the level 1 and level 2 Reiki workshops with Farzeen was not just a lesson in healing of others but also about my own inner journey and self-healing.

In spite of being trained in modern medicine , I always felt that there was such much more to healing a person than just prescribing medicines targeted at diseases. We were forgetting his mind, his spirit. It was this quest of holistic healing that made me reach out for the Reiki workshop. And I was lucky to have found a teacher like Farzeen who made the experience something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

It’sas if Farzeen has exposed us to this whole new world of immense possibilities and positivity. To the extent that today any problem big or small , physical , emotional , mental, spiritual, materialistic,non-materialistic seems solvable.

The workshops are a doorway to spirituality. It’s not just about learning Reiki or techniques , it’s about embarking on journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. Its about learning to be a loving human being and a responsible citizen of the universe.

The group is like an extended family for me today. We share so much with each other. Good, bad, our anxieties, our achievements, our queries. You never find yourself alone. And the fact that Farzeen is always available for guidance is so assuring.

Immediately after my level 2 workshop I went through a scary phase with my pregnancy and it was the group and Farzeen that I immediately turned to. It was their healing and positive thoughts that kept me completely worry free even while my doctor was not able to give me the assurance that everything will be fine.

Farzeen did not just teach us Reiki, she made reiki a part of our very being.

Bhavana Gautam
Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant
Business Head - Medimanage Health Services Pvt Ltd.


Shalini Gautam


I learnt Reiki – Level 1 and 2 from Farzeen earlier this year. Since the time I’ve learnt the two levels, I haven’t missed even a single day of giving reiki to either myself or my family or to the one in need of it. I have seen wonderful proofs of reiki in these months and wish I had learnt it earlier in life… although better late than never. What I’ve learnt the most is reiki has and knows no boundaries and the more you use it, the more it is willing to help you and the more powerful it is. I am truly grateful to Farzeen for bringing Reiki into my life and waiting for her to conduct Level 3 as early as possible.

Thank you,
Shalini Gautam



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