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Personal Counseling

I understand what counseling is, but what does Spiritual counseling involve?

In spiritual counseling the persons involved simply recognize that there is a Higher Force which assists all in their efforts, regardless of race, creed or name given to this Higher Force.

This may seem to be a trivial recognition initially, but by the recognition of a Higher Force, in whatever way the person feels it appropriate to interpret or understand this, the ego, which is where so many of our problems come from, is subdued to some degree. Then we can begin to access more intelligent, more helpful parts of ourselves. Another very important aspect of spiritual counseling is the way this Higher Force is encouraged to be sought for inner support at times of great struggle.

Spiritual counseling also gives us a greater purpose to improving who we are and our outlook on life. This sense of purpose varies from person to person. In essence it involves our strivings and efforts to improve who and what we are being not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of the greater world around us.

My philosophy is that each person has the answers they need inside themselves. It is the inability to access and then act upon these insights that plagues us so. Probably most importantly is the way I feel people need to be taught what to do, not just be passively told what is happening each time and given a proposed solution. One of my favourite sayings is: "Give a person a fish and you feed them a meal. Teach them to fish and you have fed them for life." You could easily apply this to my entire philosophy and the way I approach each person, each time you come in.

Through spiritual counseling many difficult situations in life, whether current or in our past, can be effectively dealt with. Attitudes we are not happy with can be transformed. Emotional patterns, no matter how ingrained they may seem, can be altered. Mental fixations can be altered.

This allows us to move on to more constructive and rewarding scenarios in our lives and gives us a healthy start to coming into a greater fulfillment of who and what we truly are. All we need to do is really want to change. This want to change is the single, most fundamental key to real changes within ourselves. There is such a big difference to thinking we want to or "should" change - versus really feeling we want to change.



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Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you will find the information here useful.

As I am offering to help others with their spiritual journeys, I thought I would tell you a bit about my own, not that I am not offering myself as a model, only as a helpful fellow traveller…!

My personal journey has been life-long, involving a lot of personal transformation work. I was born into a traditional Zoroastrian family eventually marrying someone I loved outside my community.

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