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9th-10th June 2018
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23rd-24th June 2018

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About Level 3

About Healing Workshop – Level 3 A

Level 3-A is the advanced healing workshop where you become a Reiki master without becoming a Reiki Teacher. The prerequisite is completing the level 2 and being chosen by the Reiki Teacher for this level. Level 3A teaches the master symbol and with the help of the attunement from the reiki teacher the power of this level is 370 times more than level 1 and the participants must exercise a greater spiritual responsibility towards themselves, humanity and the planet. There is a certain degree of commitment required after you complete this level.

This course imparts sacred knowledge to enable you to move from ignorance to enlightenment. The thrust here is personal empowerment through a new understanding of oneself and our inner powers. Helps you to Tap into a reservoir of talent and ability at the spiritual level. Also facilitates experiences of the deepest inner peace and connection with divinity. It teaches various methods of raising spiritual vibrations to a high level in a short span of time, breaking all mental and emotional barriers and letting the true inner Self blossom.

One full Saturday

  • Your high vibrations will facilitate success by your mere presence.
  • You live life on your own terms yet in harmony with other humans.
  • You can pursue cherished goals and draw positive outcome from
    all events in life.
  • You can completely overcome fear of the future and fear of the unknown.
  • Your ability to reach the depths of the Luminous Mind can open the doors
    to unknown talents and heightened creativity.
  • You move from a fear-based human to a love-based human.
  • You have the ability to harmonise with the natural flow of life not
    swim against the tide

A Master of Light is enlightened at the intellectual level, empowered at the spiritual level and a human being at peace with himself and his surroundings.

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Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you will find the information here useful.

As I am offering to help others with their spiritual journeys, I thought I would tell you a bit about my own, not that I am not offering myself as a model, only as a helpful fellow traveller…!

My personal journey has been life-long, involving a lot of personal transformation work. I was born into a traditional Zoroastrian family eventually marrying someone I loved outside my community.

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