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  Workshop Level 1
9th-10th June 2018
  Workshop Level 1
23rd-24th June 2018

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About Level 1

Workshop Overview

This Healing workshop – Level 1 is the first step towards life's transformation. It enables the participant to get in touch with his/her core facilitating changes at a deep down soul level. In short it begins with the healing of the body, mind and soul in that respective order.

This workshop is not only designed to enjoy good health and wellbeing but it also opens up the doors to your connection with the divine. Although at the basic level 1 is restricts the participant with learning the science and methodology of touch healing as it covers Reiki level 1 in the course of these 2 days held over a weekend. The level 1 also creates a shift with each ones thinking and perception about their own life nudging them into a positive and constructive space.

This is accomplished by learning the art and science of contact healing through Life Force Energy, including a comprehensive understanding of human emotions and relationships. The workshop includes simple, effective methods of achieving high levels of concentration, conserve mental energy and basic steps in meditation to relax the body and mind.

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  • Functional understanding of Life Force Energy:
    Its role and effect on the human body and emotions.
    Learning REIKI or touch healing with Life Force Energy through the Usui System of Natural Healing.
    Ability to energize subtle energy centers called ‘Chakras’ and consequently heal diseases and chronic ailments. Connection between emotions and diseases.
  • Effective, practical methods to:
    A. Manage anger
    B. Overcome all fears, including fear of death
    C. Remove sadness, despondency and depression
    D. Comprehend and improve human relationships
  • Tibetan Exercises
    A set of special exercises to reach high energy levels, balance body energy and maintain peak fitness; also famous for retarding the aging process.
  • Spinal Exercises
    Simple exercises to give instant relief from backache and mild spondylosis due to bad spinal posture, a casualty of working long hours at desk or computer.
  • Mudras
    Highly effective way of re-aligning bio-electricity in the body to cure aches, pains and some chronic diseases through simple positioning of fingers and palms.
  • Relaxation Techniques
    Effective methods to enter a meditative state for quick mental relaxation ease tension and experience inner peace.
  • Mental Gymnastics
    Awareness of how the brain functions and the brain-mind connection.
    Ways to conserve mental energy and avoid dissipating it.
    Simple way of disciplining the mind and reaching high levels of concentration.
  • A person empowered to use energy for healing oneself and others
    and bringing about a calm, quiet mind through greater emotional balance.
  • Better decision making ability with a new awareness about oneself.
  • Ability to stay healthy fit and de-stress quickly.
  • Have a highly positive outlook toward life.
  • Increased concentration and enhanced problem solving ability.

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