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About Level 2

Advancing to Healing workshop Level 2

Most likely, if you are reading this article, you have completed Healing workshop Level 1, which is the prerequisite for the Level 2. congratulations!....and now you are ready to take Healing workshop Level 2.
Many students have a deep inner urge to heal others or to heal animals and while this is a superb service to humanity or to the world, you need adequate power and need to be armed with the various spriritual healing tools which is taught in Level 2 and which can facilitate this healing for others with a little effort and intention on your part.

Healing Workshop Level 2

Level 2 is a graduation and continuation to level 1. Once you are attuned with the advance energies of level 2 you are no more dependant on touch Reiki as you will be able to break the time and space barriers with the help of the Reiki symbols. The power increases by 16 times than level 1, which is why Healing becomes increasingly easier, fun and shorter in duration. Besides you can give Healing for multiple situations and multiple people at one time with the use of the Reiki box. The results with Level 2 are manifold and truly rewarding. If you have completed level 1, do complete the Advance level 2 to feel the complete benefit.

Also in level 2 we do a procedure called childhood regression in order to heal all past hurt , harm or pain done to us in our childhood by someone close, due to which sometimes there are obstructions in our present/future life. This procedure helps us surface all these -ve emotions and heal them permanently. Not necessary that every one would have hurt, some may have had excellent childhoods, however the procedure can be profound and healing for all ,irrespective

This course is designed for a period of 2 days over a weekend to take you to a higher level. Reiki Level II prepares the student for the use of Reiki energy, for the benefit to oneself and to others, to assist in relieving from a wide array of ailments and situations overcoming time & space barriers.

In Reiki II, you further this understanding by learning more about energy and how to utilize Reiki for those at a distance. This is often called Absent healing.

  • You become a highly confident Human Being.
  • Have the power to solve any problem with optimism and courage.
  • Are able to fulfill your ambition, goals and succeed in most endeavors involving yourself and others.
  • Have the ability to protect oneself, family and assets from harm or loss.
  • Can turn relationships from discord and hatred to harmony and friendship.
  • Overcome addictions in yourself and others.
  • Free yourself from past hurt and trauma through attitudinal healing.
  • Learn to celebrate life and live it fully.

To enroll please click here - Enrolment Form for level 2



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